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September 09, 2010

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

A Wartime Photo Album - Updated One Year Later

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A TiM Photo Album from an April 1999 Trip to Serbia

Updated One Year Later - in April and July 2000

By Bob Djurdjevic

A new kind of  postcard from Belgrade showing one of the many "NATO souvenirs."  The "Usce Palace" (former YU Central Committee building), as seen in July 2000 from my hotel window. Animated flames were added, of course.  The tower, originally built to house the Central Committee of Tito's Communist Party of Yugoslavia, was struck by multiple NATO missiles on Apr. 21, 1999 (see below): 

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One day later, the Serb TV was also hit.  Yet in the midst of all that destruction, a new ultramodern gas station was opened (the red structure in the lower right corner of the photo).  It now operates on a 24/7 basis selling the gasoline at a price that's nearly half that in most NATO countries in Europe (see http://www.Bulletins2000/tim2000-5-2.HTML). In the distance, the Belgrade Fort of Kalemegdan, built by the Ottoman Empire and conquered twice by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Third Reich, also reminds the visitor of the passage of empires and indestructibility of human spirit.

The memorial plaque on the wall of the newly rebuilt Serb TV studio, and the remaining wartime ruins next door.


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2 frames spliced together... in April 1999

...and again in April 2000

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...and the same scene on Apr. 3, 1999

  bg4-16-4.jpg (84950 bytes)

bg4-16-5.jpg (85386 bytes)

A defaced U.S. Embassy in April 1999 (above)

...looking even worse for wear in April 2000 (above)

 bg4-16-6.jpg (65595 bytes)

bg4-16-7.jpg (69964 bytes)

But the Canadian Embassy across the street, also defaced during the war (see above)... now looking spick and span (above).

 bg4-1612.jpg (60343 bytes)

French embassy - then (April 1999 - above)...


... and now (April 2000 - above) has also been cleaned up.

Yugoslav Army Headquarters in downtown Belgrade, at the start of the "Embassy Row" in the Kneza Milosa street (two above photos).

The Chinese Embassy in New Belgrade - then (May 8, 1999)...

...and now (April 2000 - above).

And finally, the TiM editor with His Holiness, Patriarch Pavle, at the Patriarchate, where the two also met on April 16, 1999, during one of the first daytime NATO raids in Belgrade.

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