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TiM GW Bulletin 98/1-5

Jan. 8, 1998

Know Thy Enemies...

The China Wing of the New World Order

NWO's "Who's Who" Gather at Clinton's Gala; IBM's Gerstner and China's Jiang Hug at "Big Blue's" Palace





PHOENIX, Jan. 8 - Once upon a time, a TiM reader asked us to define what we meant by the term "New World Order" (NWO), an expression this reader frequently encountered in our reports earlier last year. We thought it was an excellent question, though perhaps a more appropriate place to direct it to might have been, for example, to George Bush. For this U.S. President was the first person to use the NWO term (in 1990), while declaring a victory by the West Side Gang (our term, not his) over its Cold War's East Side (Kremlin) Gang.

We replied that a specific answer to his question may be found among the membership rosters of such NWO globalist Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), such as the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), or the Trilateral Commission (TC) or the Bilderbergs.

The late-October visit to the U.S. by the Chinese President, Jiang Zemin, provided an opportunity for the uninitiated at least to find out "who's who" in the "China Wing" of the NWO. The occasion was the gala White House state dinner, which the Washington Post summed up in its Oct. 30 report: "Forget diplomacy. Money makes the world go round."

"There's nothing like the prospect of a few billion dollars to brighten up a party," the Post wrote. "Last night's state dinner for Chinese President Jiang Zemin was a glittering celebration of trade and capitalism, bringing together the biggest names in American business and commerce."

"Anything that builds better relationships would be great for both countries," said George Fisher, chairman of Eastman Kodak. Talk about a Kodak moment: China, he said, represents a market of '1.2 billion -- many who have yet to take their first picture'."

Just as the British textile manufacturers thought a century and a half ago, when their trade delegation visited China. My, they marveled at the size of the Chinese market, if only we could get each Chinese to wear his/her shirt sleeves one inch longer, the textile mills of Lancashire would be busy for the next 100 years, the trade delegation reported upon returning to England.

Meanwhile, 100-plus year later, the Chinese can wear any length of shirt sleeves they please - most made in China, of course - while the textile mills Lancashire rust in the dust as monuments to western businessmen's folly.

Well, folly seemed in abundant supply at the Clinton Oct. 29 state dinner for China's latest communist leader.

"I think it's important to open up the communications," said Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of Miramax Films. He doesn't speak Chinese -- yet, WP reported. "But I'm willing to learn," he said with a quick laugh.

An invitation to this dinner was one of the hottest of the Clinton administration, and a place on the guest list of 234 was a genuine prize. To underscore the importance of Jiang's visit, the White House invited former president Jimmy Carter, former first lady Lady Bird Johnson and five secretaries of state:

Madeleine Albright and her predecessors - Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker and Alexander Haig.  Congressional leaders included House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and Sen. Jesse Helms, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee."

But the real power came from the business world, the WP reported, with no fewer than 30 presidents, chairmen or CEOs, including Michael Eisner of Disney, Steven Jobs of Apple Computer, James Wolfensohn of the World Bank and Steven Spielberg of DreamWorks.

"I'm not here as a businessman," said the overly modest Spielberg. "In a sense, I feel like I'm 'Forrest Gump' eavesdropping on a moment in history."

Spielberg feeling like a Forrest Gump? Oh, please... Not another case of the Hollywood self-infatuation spreading like a Hong Kong chicken flu? The closest "Spoofberg" got to the front lines of any war was in the Hollywood studios.

The guest list was also heavy with powerful media names:

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., publisher of the New York Times; Peter Kann, publisher of the Wall Street Journal; Katharine Graham, chairman of the executive committee of The   Washington Post Co; Tom Johnson, president of CNN; CBS anchor Dan Rather; NBC anchor Tom Brokaw; and ABC correspondent Diane Sawyer.

And, "winning the odd couple of the evening award were Albright and her escort, Star Trek: The Next Generation's bald Captain Picard - actor Patrick Stewart," the WP reported.

There was a small nod to the ISSUES surrounding Jiang's visit, the WP reported. Don Argue, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, was invited in recognition of the question of religious freedom in China.

"Religious freedom in China?" What's that? A title of the new "Spoofberg" movie with Lady Hypocracy starring in the title role? Is that why the Chinese novelist Amy Tan also came? Later on, she told the WP that she "had a lot of mixed feelings" about Chinese policy, but did not hesitate to attend the dinner. "I don't think that strides and improvements in human relationships and human conditions come from standing on the outside and chest-beating," she said.

Guess not when New England lobster is on the White House menu.... So much for Chinese "chicken mein" writers!

Muffling the Voice of America

And then there was a story about another guest at Clinton's state dinner which broke last month. "U.S. Officials Tried to Stop Broadcasts of (the Chinese dissident) Wei into China," was the headline of a Wall Street Journal Dec. 17 report. "Voice of America Was Warned on China Interview," the New York Times piped in the following day (Dec. 18).

Now, who were these totalitarian, undemocratic, communist-sympathizer U.S. officials the two leading American establishment media papers cited?

"They" were one Samuel Berger, Clinton's National Security Advisor, also one of the dinner guests at the White House gala for Jiang. Egged on by the U.S. ambassador to China, James Sasser, Berger reportedly called Evelyn Lieberman, director of Voice of America, trying to stop the Wei Jingsheng interview.

Yet by law, the Voice of America is supposed to make its editorial decisions independently. So America's top official in charge of our highest national security secrets broke the law so as not to upset the Big Business cozy dealings with the Chinese communist dictator. The move showed just how little regard Berger has both for democracy and for law.

No wonder his spokesperson, Anne Luzzatto, subsequently denied that her boss tried to influence VOA. While conceding that he did make the call to Lieberman, she said that he was merely "trying to make sure she was aware of the foreign policy implications of the interview," according to the New York Times.

And that's not trying to influence the VOA editorial decisions? Why does an independent editor need to worry about "the foreign policy implications?" Wonder how Berger's PR people can look themselves in the mirror after delivering lines like that?

Meanwhile, "it's disgraceful that anyone in government would circumvent the Board of Governors which was designed to be a firewall [against] that kind of pressure," David Burke, chairman of International Bureau of Broadcasting board, told the Wall Street Journal. Indeed it is. But notice how there has been no action (that this writer is aware of) to prosecute Berger if indeed he broke the law?

Yet, here we thought that the "Voice of America" was supposed to be our voice, the voice of free America, not that of a NWO clique which has infiltrated OUR federal government while kowtowing to foreign or big business interests. No wonder foreigners regard us as "Ugly Americans," if they assume that the rest of us are like Berger.

In the end, despite their "not trying to influence editorial decisions," Berger and Sasser did succeed in blocking the Wei interview from being aired by the Worldnet TV, a U.S. government propaganda tool not subject to the editorial autonomy law which governs the VOA.

And all that happened in the "land of the free." No wonder foreigners make fun of us...

And now, here are some of the members of the NWO's "China Wing," along with their NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) affiliations:


Some of the Dinner Guests



World Order NGO

Clinton, Bill and wife Hillary Government US President/Host CFR (fmr.)
Allen, Robert and wife Betty High-tech AT&T, CEO (fmr.) CFR
Armstrong, Mike and wife Anne High-tech AT&T, CEO (new) CFR
Gerstner, Louis and wife Robin High-tech IBM, CEO CFR
Gingrich, Newt and wife Marianne Government US House Speaker CFR
Graham, Katharine and David Rockefeller Media/Banking Wash. Post/Chase CFR
Johnson, Robert and wife Sheila Media Black Enter. TV, CEO CFR
Johnson, Thomas and wife Edwina Media CNN News, President CFR
Kann, Peter and wife Karen Elliott House Media Wall St. Jrnl., CEO+Ed. CFR
Kissinger, Henry and wife Nancy Government US Secr. of State (fmr.) CFR
Levin, Gerald and wife Barbara Jo Media Time-Warner, CEO CFR
Mondale, Walter and his wife Joan Government US Amb. to Japan CFR
Noto, Lucio and wife Joan Energy Mobil, CEO CFR
Pena, Federico and wife Ellen Government US Energy Secr. CFR
Pickering, Thomas and wife Alice Government US Amb. to Russia CFR
Rather, Dan and wife Jean Media CBS News, Anchor CFR
Richardson, Bill and wife Barbara Government US Amb. to the UN CFR
Rockefeller, John and wife Sharon Percy Govern./Media US Sen. (D, WV)+TV CFR
Rubin, Rober and wife Judith Government US Treasury Secr. CFR
Sasser, James and wife Mary Government US Amb. to China CFR
Sawyer, Diane Media ABC News CFR
Schultz, George and wife Charlotte Government US Secr. of State (fmr.) CFR
Smith, Raymond and wife Phyllis Goldstein High-tech Bell Atlantic, CEO CFR
Welch, John F. High-tech General Electric, CEO CFR
Albright, Madeleine and Patrick Stewart Government US Secr. of State CFR
Allaire, Paul High-tech Xerox, CEO CFR
Baker, James Government US Secr. of State (fmr.) CFR
Barshevsky, Charlene and Edward Cohen Government US Trade Rep. CFR
Berger, Samuel and wife Susan Government US NSA Advisor CFR
Bowlin, Michael and wife Martha Energy Atlantic Richfield, CEO CFR
Brokaw, Tom and wife Meredith Media NBC News, Anchor CFR
Carter, Jimmy and son James Earl III Government US President (fmr.) CFR
Greenberg, Maurice and wife Corinne Insur/Fin. Serv. AIG, CEO CFR
Greenspan, Alan and wife Andrea Mitchell Govt./Media Fed. Reserve/NBC CFR
Haig, Alexander and wife Patricia Government US Secr. of State (fmr.) CFR
Johnson, Lady Bird and Charles Robb Government US Fmr. 1st Lady+Sen. CFR
Kantor, Mickey and Heidi Schulman Government US Commerce S. (fmr.) CFR
Scowcroft, Brent and daughter Karen Government US NSA Advisor (Fmr.) CFR
Shattuck, John Government US Asst. Secr. of State CFR
Steinberg, James and Sherbourne Abbott Government US NSA Deputy Adv. CFR
Talbott, Strobe and wife Brooke Shearer Government US Deputy Secr. of St. CFR
Wolfensohn, James and wife Elaine Banking World Bank, CEO CFR
Zuckerman, Mortimer and Marla Prather Media US News & World Rep. CFR


Clinton, Bill and wife Hillary Government US President/Host Trilateral C.(fmr.)
Allen, Robert and wife Betty High-tech AT&T, CEO (fmr.) Trilateral Comm.
Gerstner, Louis and wife Robin High-tech IBM, CEO Trilateral Comm.
Graham, Katharine and David Rockefeller Media/Banking Wash. Post/Chase Trilateral Comm.
Greenberg, Maurice and wife Corinne Insur/Fin. Serv. AIG, CEO Trilateral Comm.
Greenspan, Alan and wife Andrea Mitchell Govt./Media Fed. Reserve/NBC Trilateral Comm.
Johnson, Lady Bird and Charles Robb Government US Fmr. 1st Lady+Sen. Trilateral Comm.
Kantor, Mickey and Heidi Schulman Government US Commerce S. (fmr.) Trilateral Comm.
Kissinger, Henry and wife Nancy Government US Secr. of State (fmr.) Trilateral Comm.
Rockefeller, John and wife Sharon Percy Govern./Media US Sen. (D, WV)+TV Trilateral Comm.
Schultz, George and wife Charlotte Government US Secr. of State (fmr.) Trilateral Comm.
Scowcroft, Brent and daughter Karen Government US NSA Advisor (Fmr.) Trilateral Comm.
Talbott, Strobe and wife Brooke Shearer Government US Deputy Secr. of St. Trilateral Comm.


Clinton, Bill and wife Hillary Government US President/Host Bilderbergers
Allaire, Paul High-tech Xerox, CEO Bilderbergers
Berger, Samuel and wife Susan Government US NSA Advisor Bilderbergers
Gerstner, Louis and wife Robin High-tech IBM, CEO Bilderbergers
Graham, Katharine and David Rockefeller Media/Banking Wash. Post/Chase Bilderbergers
Kissinger, Henry and wife Nancy Government US Secr. of State (fmr.) Bilderbergers
Rockefeller, John and wife Sharon Percy Govern./Media US Sen. (D, WV)+TV Bilderbergers
Wolfensohn, James and wife Elaine Banking World Bank, CEO Bilderbergers

 TiM Editor's Final Comment: Notice that Bill Clinton, IBM's Lou Gerstner, David Rockefeller  and Henry Kissinger are/were members of all three "red" NWO NGOs? No wonder Jiang "honored" IBM's Gerstner by paying him also a private visit in New York, following the Oct. 29 White House dinner (see TiM GW Bulletin 97/11-1, 11/02/97)

Also, notice the absence at the White House state dinner of prominent names from the world of academia? Kind of puts in perspective the (low) pecking order of all those foreign policy academic "think tanks" sponsored by the NWO elite's  shopping for opinions it wants to hear

So do not "pass go." Head straight to the red-light district of American academia. They seem to be merely the talking heads hired by the NWO elite to brainwash the plebes.


Gerstner and Jiang 'Old Friends' Kiss in New York

(TiM GW Bulletin 97/11-1, 11/02/97)

IBM and Chinese Communist Chairmen Miss and Embrace in New York, But New York's Governor and Mayor Snub the Chinese President

NEW YORK - "Birds of a feather flock together," goes an old saw.  They do.  Even in the maze of Manhattan skyscrapers where only the stupid birds fly.

Lou Gerstner, IBM's chairman, who once slept in Mao Zedong's bed in Shanghai, warmly embraced Jiang Zemin, Mao's protégé, outside the IBM Tower on Madison Avenue in New York.  Jiang's visit to IBM was his first stop after breakfasting with George Bush and opening the trading at the New York Stock Exchange on Oct. 31. 

Gerstner warmly greeted the Chinese communist with Tiananmen Square blood on his hands as an old friend.  "Lao pengyou, ni hao" ("Old friend, how are you?"), Gerstner said in heavily-accented Chinese, to the satisfied chuckles all around.  A REUTER's photo in WASHINGTON POST (Nov. 1) showed Jiang and Gerstner laughing heartily underneath a big IBM logo.  (Big Blue's next ad?).

What a contrast such a "red carpet" treatment by IBM's boss was to that by the angry demonstrators in front of the New York Stock Exchange, who were kept away from the Chinese president by a police cordon. 

Perhaps more than any other incident during Jiang's week-long U.S. visit, the two contrasting New York City scenes - minutes apart - symbolized a huge gulch which has developed between America's Main Street and Wall Street.

The IBM scene also offered a touch of irony.  Here was one of the most imperial rulers of corporate America, a person whom we dubbed "Louis XIX of Armonk" in an August 1996 report, playing the role of a doorman to a communist dictator whom the New York governor and mayor had refused to meet. 

Kafka would have loved it.  Shakespeare might have also relished symbolism - an omnipotent American corporate chairman bowing to the Golden Calf of the New World Order, the Almighty Dollar, epitomized by the chubby frame of one Jiang Zemin. 

Jiang underscored this NWO weakness (greed) by throwing a swordfish dinner party at New York's Waldorf Astoria.  Hundreds of America's all-powerful CEOs were tripping over each other in an effort to get an invitation to it, like a bunch of boys trying to get a ticket to a World Series game.  Many were turned away.  Ultimately, some 200 top executives of "blue chip" companies - like Boeing, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Fedex, Ford, Philip Morris, among others - got in (whew!).

Chairman Mao once warned that, "revolution is not a dinner party."  Yet, there was Jiang, Mao's protégé, having all these "capitalists" jostle for the privilege of eating at his heels in the "the financial capital of the world."   It was the ultimate victory of communism.

The Waldorf scene on Halloween 1997 was also proof that communism has come a full circle in the last 80 years - from Russia, to China, to Vietnam, to North Korea... and now to its original home - New York City - from where Trotsky sailed to join Lenin and Stalin for the launch of the Bolshevik revolution in 1917.

The kow-towing of the New World Order's "elite" to a foreign dictator actually isn't a new phenomenon.  Tom Watson, Sr., for example, a former IBM chairman, like his successor on Halloween 1997, was also in awe of autocratic power.   Watson praised Benito Mussolini and received medals from both Hitler's Germany and from the Fascist Italy in the 1930s (which Watson later said he regretted accepting as he rushed to support America's WW II effort...). 

Just as the German and Italian markets had attracted American businessmen like IBM's Watson in the 1930s, the enormous size of the Chinese market can explain the deference to the Chinese leader by the U.S. capitalists today, ideological differences notwithstanding.

"Most large companies - such as IBM, which has eight joint ventures in China, AT&T and Lucent Technologies - feel they have to invest in the country or risk losing out when the vast China market finally begins to pay off sometime in the next century," the NEW YORK TIMES reported on Nov. 1.  But the same story also said that, "all but a few American companies are losing money in China as a result of government restrictions, bureaucracy and corruption."

So if so many American corporate fans of China are losing money in this vast, promising, restrictive, bureaucratic, corrupt market... why are they there in the first place, one might wonder?  After all, isn't making money the ultimate objective of any company?

Yes, but in a global, not regional sense.  "There aren't many companies that have the reach and the breadth to help a country like China develop from the ground up," IBM's Gerstner said in his 'mission statement'-speech to Wall Street analysts in March 1994.

"Gerstner continued to speak as if IBM were some sort of a United Nations' public utility," this writer commented in a March 25, 1994 report, filed from Barcelona, Spain.  "Since when is IBM in the business of 'nation building', anyway?   Why would IBM not invest first in American 'nation building' by broadening the IBM customer base well beyond the traditional 'Fortune 500'-type companies?"

Because American labor costs more.  It's as simple as that.

The "captains of the American industry" tell us that China is a huge opportunity for U.S. businesses and, therefore, for the American people.  Indeed, in 1997 to-date, our exports to China have totaled $8 billion, according to the U.S. Commerce Department.

But what the "NWO captains" don't tell us as loudly, if at all, is that our imports from China were $39 billion during the same time frame.  And that the Commerce Dept. predicts that the U.S. trade deficit with China may reach $44 billion this year, a record high.  As of August, the latest month available, our trade deficit with China was even larger than that with Japan, our favorite "trade deficit bogey."

What does all this mean?

First, it means that the communist China is above all a huge source of cheap labor for multinational companies.  So one cannot blame the likes of Gerstner for seeking to lower their labor costs.  After all, that's what their shareholders expect them to do.  Witness the enormous "downsizing of corporate America" which took place in the last 15 years. 

Second, it also means that America's loss is China's gain.

Third, it means that our politicians who lobby for better relations with China actually represent the interests of multinational companies, not those of the U.S. electorate who sent them to public offices.

Fourth, it means that history is repeating itself... 

Back in the 1930s, when IBM's Watson praised Mussolini and accepted medals from Hitler, he was by no means the only U.S. business leader to feel that way.  Just as the American business elite of 1997 applauded Jiang in New York, the elite of the 1930s cheered Mussolini as a "benevolent despot... who made trains run on time" (Robert Sobel, "IBM Colossus in Transition," page 84).

And then - boom!  World War II breaks out. And suddenly our Italian friends are the bogeys.

Similarly, in the 1970s and 1980s, our multinational companies raced to sell to, and build all sorts of high tech weapons for Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

And then - boom!  The Gulf War breaks out. And suddenly our Iraqi friends are the bogeys.

Now, Gerstner and his globalist ilk have invested $158 billion in the 1990s building up China.

Students of history may conclude that the only thing uncertain is not if, but when, the China "boom" will occur.  And suddenly, our Chinese friends will have also become the bogeys.

Afterward, our "Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex," to borrow the term from the late President Dwight Eisenhower's farewell address in 1961, will have probably found another patsy to become its "friend."  Before destroying him, too.

Maybe not.  For, it assumes that we would remain as the world's "only superpower" after the war with China.  Unlike some western leaders, the Chinese are careful students of history.  After all, they've had more of it than the rest of us.  By a few thousand years... 

So, for the time being, they are quite content to milk the foolhardy western multinationals, like IBM and others, for all they are worth.  At the same time, however, China is preparing for war with the U.S.

The Chinese communist party officials are convinced that, "a limited Sino-US war will break out sooner or later," Yossef Bodansky wrote in the May-June 1997 issue of Defense & Foreign Affairs Policy.  Bodansky also noted that, in early May of this year, a senior former Chinese official told Hong Kong's CHENG MING newspaper that China's "global strategy" consisted of three parts

(1) Assuming the United States is its No. 1 enemy;

(2) Allying China with Russia to oppose the United States;

(3) Being prepared to wage war if the Sino-US contradiction sharpens over Taiwan.

So the preceding NWO scenarios (first build, then destroy) will not surprise to the Chinese, as they seemed to have Mussolini, Hitler, Hussein...

After all, Jiang, an engineer, as he proudly asserted at the IBM tower in Manhattan, surely knows the tongue-in-cheek difference between mechanical and civil engineers Mechanical engineers build the weapons, civil engineers build the targets.  -)

Which would suggest that the NWO elite are now in the process of building the future targets in China.  Just as they did in Iraq.  Or in Europe before WW II.

"Oh, but didn't the Chinese government promise not to sell its missiles to Iran and Pakistan anymore?" the free trade peace doves may chirp in.

True.  But didn't Hitler and Stalin also sign a friendship pact in the 1930s?


P.S. "(IBM's) Gerstner is probably the most respected Western business executive of all industries (present) in China," Rick Thoman, a former IBM chief financial officer, told this writer in December 1994. 

One cannot help but recall Watson's foolhardiness in the 1930s.  And wonder if, one of these days, Gerstner may wish he had never hugged his "old friend" outside the IBM tower on Madison Avenue?

But then again, Thoman, now with Xerox, also boasted about Gerstner's cultivating his China relationship for a long time, even well before this communist country had the western-style hotels for the foreign visitors.  In the late 1970s, for example, "Lou was put up in the Mao Zedong suite (in Shanghai), while I had the Chou Enlai suite," Thoman said. 

Anybody still alive who had slept in Stalin's or Hitler's beds? "Krasnaya Ploshad'"

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