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TiM Bulletin 96-8

Aug. 1996

Burning of Blacks’ Churches Is Given Wide Publicity While Desecration of St. Sava and Other Serbian Churches Is Ignored by National Media

Serbs: The White Niggers?

Police, the FBI Don't Do Much to Help, Either



PHOENIX, Aug. 9, 1996 - On Aug. 9, vandals desecrated the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Phoenix.  They spray-painted the hate-filled Croat fascist symbols and anti-Serb slogans all over the walls, urinated at the church’s front entrance, and wrote the only English language message on the church’s door: “F... Serbia!”

“Ustashi” Symbols at St. Sava’s

Source: “Truth in Media,” Phoenix, Arizona








The Phoenix police took their time, too.  Two-and-a-half hours after having received the report about this hate crime, they showed up, collected superficial evidence and left, according to Vlado Brodich, the church’s president.  The national media took even less notice.  None!  Yet this was the third time that Serbian churches had been vandalized in the U.S. since the start of the Balkan conflict in 1991.  Each time, the perpetrators used the same frightful Nazi symbols, as in St. Sava’s case, under which innocent people, including the millions of Jews, had died in WW II concentration camps (see the photos).

“Ustashi” Symbols at St. Sava’s

Source: “Truth in Media,” Phoenix, Arizona














To the credit of Arizona’s media, both Phoenix dailies, the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Gazette, gave this hate crime ample coverage.  Both wrote editorials condemning it.  Both printed several letters by outraged Americans from across the country (who had learned about the incident via a FAX grapevine or over the Internet - NOT from our national media).  All condemned the resurgence of fascism in this (supposedly) “land of the free.”  As did several Arizona religious leaders.

That’s the news.  And now, the “news behind the news” about St. Sava.  And other things...

The week of Aug. 19, President Bill Clinton and Vice President, Al Gore, went to a rural African-American church in Tennessee (Veep’s home state), one of several which had been burned in another spree of hate crimes in America.  Both used the opportunity as a Re-election ‘96 photo-op.  Here’s the “Pres” on a stepladder, holding a drill in left hand, with Gore standing beside him with a leveler, measuring something on a wall (see the New York Times, 8/25/96).  Both understandably criticized the hate crimes against the blacks (over 80% of whom voted for Clinton/Gore in 1992).

Yet, none of our Washington leaders uttered a word about the desecration of the three Serbian churches in America.  None of the members of the Arizona congressional delegation raised their voices to protest the St. Sava crime, as they habitually might have, had the rights of the Hispanics or the Jews, for example, been trampled upon.

Why not?  Because some hate crimes are “better” than others?  Because some are “PC” - a term so in vogue in a place like DC?  Is desecrating the Serbian-Americans’ heritage so “PC” that it can be ignored, while the damage to African-American churches, rates a national outcry and a photo-op? 

If so, doesn’t the demonization of the Serbs in the U.S. make them the American elites’ new “white Niggers?” 

If so, what other minority group in America will become the next target of the New World Order?  The Russian-Americans?  The Greek-Americans?  The Armenian-Americans?  All Orthodox Christians?

Bill Clinton, Bob Dole... tell us it ain’t so. 

John McCain and Jon Kyl... tell us it ain’t so. 

Ed Pastor, Matt Salmon, J.D. Hayworth, Bob Stump, Jim Kolbe, John Shadegg... tell us it ain’t so.

All together.. tell us it ain’t so!

Tell us that you’re not the mere cogs in the wheel of the American elites’ leftist-leaning, self-serving, political machinery which treats American citizens like cannon fodder, and regards our democracy as a necessary evil.

Tell us that... and condemn the St. Sava incident;

Tell us that... and demand a vigorous law enforcement action to bring the Serbophobe criminals to justice;

Tell us that... and come to a Sunday service at St. Sava’s... [Bill (Clinton) - you may bring your drill; Al (Gore) - feel free to come with your leveler; John (McCain) - you could help us clean that urinated rug at the front entrance; Jon (Kyl) - bring someone who knows how to erase the white hate paint from concrete pavements];

Tell us all that... and we, the Serbian-Americans, America’s new “white Niggers,” will forgive you all your past trespassings (though we won’t forget, as St. Sava’s Fr. Janko Trbovich had said to the media).

But if you do less than that... we, the Serbian-Americans, America’s new “white Niggers,” will be at the doorsteps of your Election ‘96 or Re-election ‘96 offices.  We will remind you that America is still the “land of the free, and of the brave.”  Even if some of you - the politicians and the media - and your New World Order masters, seem to have forgotten it. r

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