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TiM Bulletin 96-04

April 1996

Why Is Clinton Selling Out Europe to Islam?Ayatclin.tif (80400 bytes)

"Ayatollah Klintonmeini"

George Bush's New Middle East Wing Renamed "Chelsea Mosque" in 1996? Chelsea: Our Family Doesn't Like Military People



PHOENIX, Apr. 13, 1996 - Remember the 444 days of torment for millions of Americans, not to mention the families of the 50 American hostages of the Iranian terrorists led by Ayatollah Khomeini?

Remember the burning of the "stars and stripes" in 1979-1980 by the hate-filled Iranian mobs outside the Great Satan’s (U.S.) embassy in Teheran?

Remember Jimmy Carter’s failed rescue mission in 1980 which cost several American soldiers their lives?

Remember the Gulf War in which scores of Americans died, and tens of thousands are still suffering from? (the "Gulf War Syndrome").

Remember how our Gulf War "victory" was supposed to make the Middle East a safer place, as did the "Middle East Peace Process?"

Remember the Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah terrorists who claimed more innocent lives in Israel in the last few months than did the war in Bosnia?

Well, if you do recall all these momentous events, could you ever, ever, ever... imagine the United States of America coddling up to Iran?

Most Americans could not. It would have taken an evil, conniving, duplicitous, treacherous, manipulative and immoral mind to align the U.S. - a democratic "leader of the free world" - with the new "evil empire" - Iran.

Which is exactly what Bill Clinton has done. Meet the "Ayatollah Klintonmeini" - whose temporary residence is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.


But also, sadly - true!

With their covert "Iran-Bosnia" arms deal, President Clinton and his Muslim-infatuated liberal advisors, have just insulted each soldier who has ever worn the uniform of the U.S. armed forces. For, their travesty has made these proud Americans unwitting allies of terrorist Iran.

Worse, "Clinton et. al." have violated the Constitution of the United States by misleading Congress.

And they have deceived our European allies by ushering the world’s worst terrorists into their midst.

Why would an American President do a crazy thing like that?

Well, a cheap answer could be "because of Chelsea."

Because of Chelsea?

Yes. Because of Clinton’s 16-year old daughter.

Riyadh.gif (99066 bytes) "I have to admit that a good deal of what my husband and I have learned (about Islam) has come from my daughter," said Hillary Clinton, addressing the members of the American Muslim Council (AMC) at the first-ever White House celebration of Eid al-Fitr (a Muslim religious holiday) on February 20, 1996. "(As) some of you who are our friends know, she (Chelsea) took a course last year in Islamic history."

Chelsea has been educating her parents about Islam ever since, the First Lady explained. As she accepted the two AMC gifts of Qur’an, the Muslim holy book, Mrs. Clinton said: "I am honored to have these gifts... one for my husband, and one for me, as Chelsea already has her copy."

Meanwhile, Steven Emerson, producer of the PBS documentary, "Jihad in America," said in his Wall Street Journal OpEd column, published on March 13, 1996, that "AMC is a radical group that supports radical Islamic terrorist movements." AMC’s own newsletter says its "primary goal is political advocacy."

In other words, while Islamic terrorists blow up the World Trade Center, for example, not to mention their hijacking, killing and maiming of Americans overseas, the Clinton family revels in celebrating Islam at the White House.


Hold on to your hat. We’re not even through the "cheap stuff" yet.

"During Clinton’s first year in office," writes (the U.S. Marines) Lt. Col. Tom McKenney in the (1994) book, "The Clinton Chronicles," "an incident occurred which was buried by the news media."

"The occasion was a departure for a state function, a routine operation," Col. McKenney writes. "Vehicles were lined up outside the White House... Young Chelsea Clinton, like everyone else, was assigned a specific sedan."

But when Chelsea was about to get into her limo, she turned around and declared: "I won’t ride in this car! There’s a military man in here, and I don’t ride with military men!"

The "military man" happened to be a senior U.S. officer. Being a gentleman, however, he quietly got out of the car and found another ride.

In a separate incident, Chelsea asked her young Marine security escort to wear civilian clothes in the future. "My family doesn’t like military people," she explained.

Where, do you suppose, the "young Chelsea" acquired such attitudes?

At her home, of course.

And those are the two women (Hillary and Chelsea) whom President Clinton sent in March to boost the morale of our troops in Bosnia?

That’s like sending "Hanoi Jane" to cheer up U.S. troops in Vietnam!

Strike Jane Fonda!

That’s like sending the draft-evading young Bill Clinton to cheer up American troops in Vietnam.

No wonder Col. McKenney also contends that, "if he were not the President, Bill Clinton couldn’t qualify (even) for the lowest level of (the U.S.) security clearance. Yet as President, he has access to, and control of, every secret our nation possesses."

To underline their devotion to the Muslim cause, the two female Clintons went straight from Bosnia to Turkey, where they posed for photographers wearing the traditional Islamic head gear. But as I said before, this is all the "cheap stuff."

Geopolitical Issues

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, why would Clinton do a crazy thing like partnering with Iran?

Because it’s not crazy, if your morality begins and ends with your pocketbook.

Because it’s not crazy, except perhaps to the millions of American voters who every two to four years, cast their votes in almost total ignorance of what they are voting for or against on foreign policy issues.

It’s all a matter of a cool business calculus - the multinational companies’ way. And it’s a matter of domestic media control - to keep the voters barefoot and ignorant.

"Who are our traditional friends and allies?" a globalist U.N. shepherd ("Ayatollah Klintonmeini") asks his flock (the American voters).

"The Western European countries," the (mostly Anglo) sheep reply in unison.

"And how are our friends and allies faring in the global scheme of things?" the shepherd "tests" his herd’s foreign policy acumen.

"Not bad," most of the sheep reply. (An why not, since they have been brainwashed by the mainstream U.S. media.")

"Terribly," a few knowledgeable voters murmur under their breaths. "The Old Continent is dying economically (foreign competition), physically (low birth rates) and politically (in-fighting)."

"Now then," the shepherd continues, addressing the thinkers in his flock. "Please tell me - what could happen to the friends of sinking civilizations if they hung around them long enough?"

"They could get dragged down to the bottom themselves, right?" the shepherd continues, without waiting for a reply.

"In which case, my friends, what do you think America should do?" the shepherd asks.

"Find new friends," the sheep retort.

"Exactly!" the shepherd replies, encouraged by his herd’s savvy. "Does this ‘greatest nation on the face of the Earth’ want to align itself with the losers?"

"No way, Jose!" the sheep shout who only a minute ago thought we should stand by our friends in Europe.

And so it was written. Europe was dropped. Islam rose up.

The U.S. foreign policy switched horses without a scream, twitch or a whimper from our congressional sheep. It was as if nothing had happened at all!

No wonder, when the Los Angeles Times reported last week that Clinton had made a secret deal to have Iran ship weapons to Bosnia via Croatia, everybody was duly shocked.

"Oh my gosh, how could he have?" seemed to be the general reaction.

"Gingrich charges Clinton with misleading Congress," read the Washington Post Apr. 11 headline.

"At the very least, the charge of massive hypocrisy can be laid at the President’s door," noted a Washington Times editorial (April 8, 1996). "The White House practically invited Iran, sponsor of violent fundamentalist revolutions, right into the heart of Europe."

But the Washington Times is wrong. Clinton didn’t do it. Not because he wouldn’t have. But because he wasn’t smart enough nor tough enough to make the right decisions. Which is why the Wall Street globalist bankers put him in the White House in the first place. The last thing they needed was a head-to-toe American President who was an honest patriot and an independent thinker. How on earth could the bankers have convinced such a strong-willed person that making friends with Iran could be as profitable as was schmoozing with the Kremlin leaders during the Cold War?

Strangling Russia

Ironically, it is containing and defanging the new Russia that "Ayatollah Klintonmrus-ring.gif (44632 bytes)eini’s" infatuation with Islam is all about. As is the whole Balkan affair, a mere segment of the gigantic "Green Interstate" which the globalists are building - a Muslim sphere of influence stretching from Pakistan to Bosnia. We already "own" all the former Soviet Islamic republics, Pakistan and Afghanistan in Russia’s southern soft underbelly. And we also "own" Turkey. That’s the "Islamic Ring" around Russia’s southern neck (see the map).

In Eastern Europe, the former Soviet dominions on Russia’s western frontier are now also all American/German minions. These "would-be" new NATO members will form an "Iron Ring" around Russia’s Euro-neck - from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

But, there are three "rogue" countries which intersect the "Green Interstate" of would-be American geopolitical influence - Iran, Iraq and Serbia. Which is why they have been subjected to various reprisals.

Iraq was tamed by the Gulf War, and is still reeling under the U.N. sanctions. Serbia was exhausted by the Bosnian war, and brought to heel by the toughest-yet U.N. sanctions.

Iran, a country to which Boris Yeltsin was prepared to sell some potential nuclear technology, is wedged right in the middle of the "Green Interstate." But Iran is a country too big to risk a war against, and too close to the Russians for comfort. So the U.S. tried to use a carrot instead of a stick.

Had Clinton explained that in plain language to the American people, most of us would have at least understood his plan. The gullible among us might have even approved of it. Our tragedy and the reason for the sunset of the American democracy is that our Presidents and the media seem to feel that they have to lie to us first before we can believe them!

Why did Clinton lie?

Could it be because he sensed that the globalists’ construction of the "Green Interstate" as a foundation of the American foreign policy is a recipe for disaster; a "hard sell" at best?

First, because Iran, a country ruled by the fundamentalists dedicated to destruction of everything American, cannot be trusted to be a partner of the U.S., the globalists’ wishful thinking notwithstanding.

Second, because Washington’s duplicity is alienating our European allies who have invested much more in Bosnia, in terms of capital and personnel, than the U.S.

Third, because Clinton’s introduction of the Iranian influence into southern Europe (Bosnia), is likely to alarm Western Europe. There are about six million Muslims in France; over three million in Germany; and more than two million in Britain. They are ethnic bombs waiting to explode. Washington’s secret "Iran-Bosnia" deal may have lit the fuse which will destabilize Western Europe. One consequence will be that Europeans will have no choice but to partner with Russia. Thus a Vladivostok-Moscow-Berlin-Paris-London power axis may be created to defend the Christian civilization against the threat of the Islamic "Green Interstate." Flashpoints are already occurring along the fault lines between these civilizations (Bosnia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, etc.).

Throw into the pot the rising power and militancy of China, and its recent overtures toward Europe, and we may have the makings of World War III right before our noses.

Is that why Clinton chose to lie? Because selling a World War III idea isn’t exactly the surest way to get re-elected?

America’s tragedy, however, is that Clinton’s likely opponent, Bob Dole, is pursuing the same pro-Islamic path. Voting for either of them will lead to disaster.

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