Truth in Media Activism: Letters to Editors

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June 5, 2007

To: TIME Magazine

"Death Merchants" Only Benefactors of Missile Shield

Subject: Behind Bush's Missile Defense (June 5, 2007)


TIME magazine
New York, NY

"Death Merchants" Only Benefactors of Missile Shield

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your subject story asks but does not answer its title's question - why is Bush pushing the missile defense system.  Your writer attempts to explain it by blaming the "old school of thought" for it.
"For starters, Bush's top advisers are all graduates of the school of Star Wars, old national security hands who in one form or another cut their teeth on the issue as young policymakers," he writes.
As always, you will find the real truth if you follow the money.  Bush, as his predecessors in the White House, are there to serve the American "death merchants" interests.  The giant multinational defense contractors are the only ones who would benefit from this harebrained idea that has nothing to do with protecting American security.  And that is why their puppets in the White House are pushing it.

For what it's worth...
Bob Djurdjevic
Scottsdale, Arizona
TIME magazine
Tuesday, Jun. 05, 2007

Behind Bush's Missile Defense Push

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President George W. Bush

In his search for a long-term foreign policy achievement that can offset Iraq in the history books, George W. Bush has returned to a central national security tenet of his early days as President: the need for missile defense. Beyond fighting terrorism, no issue is more important to the President's strategic vision, and he and his closest advisers have pursued anti-missile programs from the earliest days of the Administration. But as he presses his efforts to get a regional missile defense system in train for central Europe before he leaves office, Bush faces more resistance than he bargained for, resistance that now threatens to overshadow his other foreign policy legacy efforts.



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